Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Make Pasties Step-by-Step Guide

Hello everyone!  I am super excited to share this with you.  After searching the internet, I didn't feel like there were enough guides on how to make pasties.  So I created one for you, so you can see how I make pasties. Enjoy!

Please read all instructions carefully before starting.

Materials Needed:
Thin Plastic Canvas Cross Stitch Material or Craft Felt (any color that makes sense for your project)
Glue Gun and glue sticks
Sequins, Crystals, Feathers, Fabric, etc. (whatever you want to adorn your pasties with)
Compass and a Pen
Toupee tape

optional for tasseled pasties:
Fishing Spinners (yes, just like you get at the tackle store)

If you are using crystals you will want to use these tools as well:
Rhinestone Wax Positioner Stick
Precision Syringe Glue Applicator (10 mL)000
Precision Syringe Glue Applicator Tip (pink)

Step 1: Measure Your Areola.
Your areola is the colored area around the main “nipple” part of your breast.  Take your measurement across the diameter of the areola.  If your areola is 3” across, then you will add a ½” for waste (add even more if you prefer that your pasties be extra pointed).  So you want to set your compass to 1 ¾” (the radius) and draw two circles on your Canvas or Felt. (I prefer canvas material because the tape sticks to it better and there is less chance of popping a pastie.)  Draw your circles.

Step 2: Cut your circles.
Cut your circles out.  Take the circles and gently fold in half once in opposite directions (making an “x” fold line).  This is just temporary so that it is easy to find the center.  Cut across the radius of the circles in one place on each one.  You should end up with what looks like two PacMans with their mouths closed.

Tip: If you are wanting to attach tassels that spin, before you continue to step 3 (gluing your PacMan closed), snug a spinner in the center of each pasty and bend the inside over flat (bending it is to keep the tassel from flying off and keep the spinner from poking your nipple.)  Do step 3.  Then place a little dab of hot glue on the inside end to secure.  Continue to step 4 from here.

Step 3: Glue your PacMan closed.
Take your pacman circles and overlap the edges of each one about ¼”.  (Please note: The more you overlap the edges of your pasties, the more pointed they will be.  You are also reducing the overall size when overlapping more.  If you like your pasties really pointed, plan ahead and give yourself more than a ½” extra in step 1.)  Use hot glue to attach.  You should end up with two cone shaped circles about the same size as your areolas. Now you have your base!

Step 4: Decorate your Pasties! A few different methods are concluded below.

Applying crystals to your pasties.
If you are making crystal pasties, you will want to plan your pattern and/or where you want to place your crystals first, especially if you are using multiple sizes or wanting a specific pattern. Use a "syringe applicator" and twist on a colored "tip".  Fill syringe applicator with glue by removing the plunger and squeezing glue to about 1/2 full or less then press down on plunger to push glue to bottom of syringe to avoid bubbles.  
Syringe applicators and tips are cheap and disposable. Make sure your crystals have been set up with stones facing up by using a "wax stick" instead of tweezers (which are harder to maneuver). Squeeze dots of glue onto the surface; it's a good idea to practice on paper first. You can apply 3-4 dots or more when proficient. The wax stick will easily pick up each crystal and place it on dot of glue for quick work. Make sure dots are large enough to glue near edges of stones not just the center. 

I recommend after you place your center stone, next, place your outermost stones. This way you get that uniform look around the edge. Then, starting placing stones around the center and working your way around and around in circles nesting in between other stones to fill in the rest of the pastie. Let dry overnight.

*See my other blog post "Bling It Up!" for more information and a list of some of my favorite crystal distributors.

Applying Sequins to pasties.
Draw a thin line of glue using your E6000 filled syringe around the outermost edge of the pastie.  Place your single strand sequin trim on the glue and repeat swirling around and around until you reach the tip of the cone.  Cut the excess off and glue the end down.  You can also do this and then add a second color around the outside for a border if you want.  Let dry overnight.

Applying fabric to pasties.
There are two ways to do this.
One option: This process is a bit different and more intricate than others.  In this case, you will need a base pasty for each areola and then two extra slightly smaller PacMans not glued yet (4 circles total).  Take your chosen fabric and cut out a circle about a half inch larger than your base.  Use your E6000 syringe and put a generous amount of glue over the top of the pasty base.  Center your fabric up over the glue and press into place (this can get messy).  Once your fabric is attached, clip notches in the excess fabric evenly spaced around the edge. Draw a line of glue around the edge of the back side of the pasty and fold the fabric edge down to the back of the base.  Once the fabric is attached, cover the back of the pasty with glue.  Then take your extra, not yet glued PacMans, and nestle them into the back of the base over the folded fabric.  Take special care to make sure all the edges are glued down well.  Line the front edge of the pasty with trim, if desired.  Let dry overnight.
Another option: For this method, you will need a base pasty for each areola.  Take your chosen fabric and cut out a circle about a half inch larger than your base.  Use your E6000 syringe and put a generous amount of glue over the top of the pasty base.  Center your fabric up over the glue and press into place (this can get messy).  Once your fabric is attached, carefully trim away the excess fabric.  Line the front edge of the pasty with trim, if desired.  Let dry overnight.

The most important thing to remember about this whole process, is to have fun and create something that expresses/matches you or your character.  If you aren’t happy with your first set, keep trying.  Practice makes perfect!

If you decide you aren’t the do it yourself type, Luscious Peach, Zenda Designs, Miss Malicious, or Lemme Adams can help you with that.  ;)  Send me an e-mail at and I will hook you up!

Here are what some of the products listed above look like.  You can find these at some local craft stores, but its
easier to find these online.

Thanks for reading!  I hope this was helpful. Have fun!


Scarlet Peach


  1. I have questions about the Fishing Spinners. I have looked at them online and I am confused what piece attaches to the tassel and how to attach it. Could you please explain this step in more detail. Thank you.

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